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Stellar’s Reddit community zero-fee inflation pool is now live

UPDATE 2018-01-16 13:47 GMT : Lumenaut.net has been updated with further information.

The Lumenaut Community Inflation Pool is now live. This pool was created by Stellar’s Reddit community to allow Stellar Lumens holders to vote for the pool and receive their weekly inflation payments with zero fees deducted from those inflation payments.

Head over to the Reddit thread to get the inflation pool’s address as well as instructions on how to vote for the pool:


Also keep an eye on Lumenaut.net which will be updated in the next few hours.

What is inflation on the Stellar network?

From Stellar.org: “The Stellar network has a built-in, fixed inflation mechanism. New lumens are added to the network at the rate of 1% each year. The network also collects a base fee for each operation in a transaction. The funds from base fees are added to the inflation pool. Each week, the protocol distributes these lumens to any account that gets over .05% of the “votes” from other accounts in the network.”


How do I vote to receive inflation payments?

Once the community pool goes live, you can find instructions for voting with your Lumens below.

If you are currently storing your Stellar Lumens on a Ledger Nano S, you can find the procedure for voting with your Lumens here: www.reddit.com/r/Stellar/comments/7j8ds0/how_do_i_set_inflation_pool_for_the_lumen_wallet/dr6neig/?st=jbq3bpt6&sh=70f48289

For any other wallet or paper wallet you can find instructions here: www.reddit.com/r/stellartutorials/comments/7mzf7e/how_to_manually_set_inflation_destination/