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The Daily Stellar is based in South Africa and after having worked in various African countries (in an unrelated field) over the years and seeing the inefficiency of the fiat monetary system in developing countries and moving between these countries we have realized the immense potential value of a global financial network such as Stellar has. 

The main goal of The Daily Stellar is to provide our readers with an up to date overview of news and information about the Stellar Network, the native asset of the Stellar Network called Lumens, the Stellar Development Foundation and related partnerships and projects.

By covering these, we also hope to support the Stellar Development Foundation by bringing greater exposure to the Stellar project.

Our primary focus for creating content is on providing information and guides for new users of the Stellar ecosystem (which we will be publishing over the coming weeks and updating over time as new information becomes available).  For the news part, we are initially operating in a way similar to by aggregating quality news and information (by hand, not automated) from other sources and posting a short excerpt and link direct to the relevant article where it was created. Over time we hope to write more and more of our own news articles as time and funds allow.

We will not be running any advertisements on the website, only the occasional affiliate link where appropriate, and these will be clearly identified as such. Additionally we will not be tracking any visitor statistics via Google Analytics or similar tools. Unfortunately WordPress (our CMS) itself automatically generates visitor analytics and we are in the process of looking for a workaround to this by either disabling this functionality or moving the site to a CMS that either does not track any visitor analytics or tracks as little as possible.

The main reason for this is that we would like to maintain the maximum amount of privacy for our readers by avoiding automatic tracking and scripts etc., as we are not fans of these ourselves either. This is why we are big fans of what the team at are doing with their Brave browser and their Basic Attention Token system, which automatically blocks scripts and advertisements, allows users to donate directly to their favourite websites and Youtube channels and will eventually pay users for their attention should users choose to enable adverts on the browser side (and these adverts will not send any behaviour data to the outside world as it will be handled with local machine learning in the browser itself).

Go check out and for more on this exciting new way of using the internet.

If you would like to support The Daily Stellar directly, you are welcome to donate to the site via the following Stellar Lumens account, your tips/and donations are most appreciated and will go towards covering the hosting and running of

If you would like to get in touch with us with suggestions for guides and/or news items/YouTube videos to publish on the site, feel free to mail us via [email protected]


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