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LALA + Stellar Protocol – New strategic partnership
"We are pleased to announce that we will be integrating with the Stellar network for LALA Transfer – our cross-border money transfer and remittance business. We chose to partner with because we share a common mission of – connecting people to low cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential."

Clic.World and Stellar - the way to mass adoption of crypto in consumer banking
"Imagine sending money to somebody’s phone that does not even have a bank account and they can go and withdraw it at a Stellar ATMX. No need to imagine that any more!"

ZED Network eyes $600m remittance market with Stellar-powered payments platform

"Canadian startup ZED Network is looking to launch a new blockchain-powered global payments platform that promises to enable faster and cheaper remittances services. ....will be built on the Stellar distributed network with connectivity to bitcoin and ether as methods of payment."

Stellar Lumens coming to Indonesian stores thanks to Pundi X partnership
"More importantly, the use of XLM in retail stores further provides convenience for locals wishing to make purchases using cryptocurrencies. It particularly focuses on the average digital currency consumer who might wish to transact with ease but lacks the know-how."

Reddit AMA 4 January | SureRemit to talk about why they chose to ICO on Stellar

Stellar Reddit
"Super excited to announce that on Thurs 1/4 at 11:00am PST (19:00 GMT): Oye & Sam, the founders of SureRemit will be joining us for a lightweight AMA discussing their latest partnership with Stellar."

Pundi X Integrates with Stellar to make Indonesian Rupiah cross-border payments faster and cheaper
"Pundi X, a cryptocurrency point-of-sale solutions provider for retail stores, today announced that it has partnered with, a Silicon Valley non-profit organization that supports the Stellar network"

Africa’s SureRemit joins the tokenized race to win the global remittance market
"Nigerian based SureRemit has launched a crypto token aimed at money sent home by global immigrants...SureRemit will use blockchain partner Stellar’s platform."

NAB to join IBM’s blockchain-powered Pacific payment network
"Will process 60 per cent of all cross-border payments in the South Pacific's retail foreign exchange corridors, by next year."