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Will Stellar be the ICO system of choice in 2018?

"Getting a listing on a major exchange on day one is a competitive advantage for a new coin. That kind of listing on a fiat exchange like the SDEX could also promote unusually quick uptake of a new coin post-ICO. It means potential buyers don't necessarily have to part with other crypto assets to buy in, and that cryptocurrency newcomers can also get involved right away."

Why a $39 million ICO chose Stellar over Ethereum

"In Stellar, "we think we've uncovered this underutilized, really unknown technology," Gobaud said."

Smart contracts platform Mobius completes $35 million ICO presale

"Mobius announced it had raised $10 million more than projected on sales of its MOBI token, which in turn is based on the Stellar network."

Stellar’s meteoric rise and why Mobius is set to orbit from it in 2018

"Since Mobius is built on top of the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) and uses tiered Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) for Internet-level consensus, the costs of transacting on the network are exponentially cheaper. Mobius also allows for transactions to occur an order of magnitude faster because of the SCP..."

How to launch an ICO on Stellar

"In this post, I’m going through every step of Jed’s article, from the perspective of somebody who never actually used Stellar before."

Reddit AMA 4 January | SureRemit to talk about why they chose to ICO on Stellar

Stellar Reddit
"Super excited to announce that on Thurs 1/4 at 11:00am PST (19:00 GMT): Oye & Sam, the founders of SureRemit will be joining us for a lightweight AMA discussing their latest partnership with Stellar."

Goodbye Ethereum: Kik Plans to Move Its ICO Tokens to Stellar

"Mobile messaging startup Kik is planning to shift its Kin token network from ethereum to Stellar"

Africa’s SureRemit joins the tokenized race to win the global remittance market

"Nigerian based SureRemit has launched a crypto token aimed at money sent home by global immigrants...SureRemit will use blockchain partner Stellar’s platform."

Why Stellar could be the next big ICO platform

"Launching a token on Stellar is super easy. Simple tokens can be created in a matter of hours and more complex ones take a day or two. Because Stellar supports simple programming, you don’t need to hire expensive solidity smart contract developers. Investors can also participate in Stellar-based ICOs using ETH or BTC just like they’re used to."

What makes Stellar an ideal ICO platform?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uSDMGtqnPg In this webinar Boris Rezniko (from Stellar Development Foundation and Lightyear.io) walks us through what makes Stellar an ideal platform for ICO's.